DNA Vocabulary Question Preview (ID: 14171)

TX EOC Category 2 Biology Terms.

Nucleic acid which is self-replicating and contains the code to make all proteins needed by an organism
a) DNA
b) genes
c) chromosomes
d) RNA

process by which DNA makes a copy of itself
a) copying
b) translation
c) replication
d) mutations

the process of nuclear division and cytokinesis that produces genetically identical daughter cells
a) reproduction
b) mitosis
c) cytosis
d) growing

proliferation of cells caused by disruptions in the cell cycle; disruptions may be caused by environmental factors
a) mitosis
b) meiosis
c) replication
d) cancer

cellular process used to make proteins, which includes transcription and translation
a) building
b) protein synthesis
c) trascription
d) mitosis

process of copying DNA into mRNA in gene expression
a) transcription
b) protein synthesis
c) mitosis
d) translation

process by which mRNA is used to synthesize amino acids
a) transcription
b) meiosis
c) translation
d) mitosis

sequence of three nitrogen bases in DNA that codes for an amino acid
a) codon
b) nucleolus
c) chromosomes
d) gene

change in DNA sequence
a) gene flow
b) none of these
c) mutation
d) codon

inheritable unit of information in DNA
a) chromosome
b) gene
c) mitosis
d) allele

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