The Alberta Government Question Preview (ID: 14170)

Basics About The Alberta Government.

What is an MLA?
a) A person appointed to the provincial government.
b) The Leader of the Official Opposition
c) A voter in an election.
d) A person elected to a provincial government.

What is a Bill?
a) An Act that is presented to the elected MLAs for discussion.
b) The front part of a baseball cap.
c) A law that is passed by the MLAs.
d) The connection to the mouth of a bird.

Who is the Premier of Alberta
a) Raj Sherman
b) Alison Redford
c) Brian Mason
d) Danielle Smith

What is the final step for a Bill before it is passed into law?
a) The Premier must approve it.
b) The Governor General must approve it.
c) The Lieutenant Governor must approve it.
d) The Leader of the Official Opposition must approve it.

How many readings are there before a Bill becomes law?
a) One
b) Four
c) Three
d) Two

What usually occurs when MLAs vote on the first reading of a Bill?
a) No one votes for it.
b) Everyone votes for it.
c) There is only debate.
d) Nothing

Who is the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta?
a) Norman Kwong
b) Donald Ethell
c) Grant McEwen
d) Lois Hole

How does a person become an MLA?
a) They are appointed by the Premier.
b) The Prime Minister appoints them.
c) People in his/her constituency vote for him/her.
d) The Lieutenant Governor selects them.

Which of the following places would not have a Legislature?
a) Edmonton
b) Winnipeg
c) Victoria
d) Saskatoon

Which of the following areas are not controlled by provincial governments?
a) Defense
b) Health
c) Education
d) Transportation

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