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_____________ are prokaryotic cells.
a) Fish
b) Animals
c) Bacteria
d) Plants

Plant cells have a ___________, but animals cells don\'t.
a) Cell membrane
b) brain
c) nucleus
d) cell wall

Animal's are made of ___________ cells.
a) eukaryotic
b) small
c) large
d) prokaryotic

Bacteria are prokaryotic, _________________ organisms.
a) multi-cellular
b) uni-cellular
c) micro-cellular
d) macro-celluar

Plant cells have structrues called ____________ used in photosynthesis that animals cells lack.
a) chloroplasts
b) powerhouses
c) nucleus
d) mitochondria

True or False- Bacteria cells are usually smaller and less complex than eukaryotic cells.
a) T
d) F

Both plant and animal cells have _____________.
a) a nucleus
b) cytoplasm
c) a cell membrane
d) all of the above

Most plants and animals are ______________.
a) unicellular
b) microcellular
c) macrocellular
d) multicellular

Euakryotic cells have internal structures called ___________.
a) organs
b) organists
c) organelles
d) organations

The DNA of eukaryotic plant and animal cells is surrounded by a ________.
a) covering
b) fence
c) sheath
d) nucleus

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