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______________ is a sudden movement of Earth's crust.
a) earthquake
b) focus
c) lava
d) epicenter

The place where the slipping begins is called the earthquake's
a) focus
b) fault
c) lava
d) hot spot

The point directly above the focus is called the earthquake's _________________.
a) epicenter
b) lava
c) hot spot
d) focus

A _____________ is an opening in Earth's crust.
a) volcano
b) earthquake
c) storm
d) tornado

Once magma reaches Earth's surface, it is called __________.
a) lava
b) volcano
c) water
d) earthquakes

An ____________________ is currently erupting or has recently erupted.
a) active volcano
b) dormant volcano
c) extinct volcano
d) red volcano

A volcano that does not erupt for some time, is called a _________________.
a) dormant volcano
b) active volcano
c) extinct volcano
d) red volcano

A vocano that stops erupting is called a dead or _______________.
a) extinct volcano
b) red volcano
c) active volcano
d) dormant volcano

________________ ia stationary location in Earth's mantle where magma melts through a tectonic platek
a) hot spot
b) cold spot
c) warm spot
d) core spot

Which of the following is a type of volcano?
a) all the above
b) shield volcano
c) cinder-cone volcano
d) composite volcano

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