Unit 7 Test Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 14166)

Westward Expansion.

A journey guiding cattle to market
a) cattle drive
b) reservation
c) monopoly
d) tenement

land set aside for Native Americans
a) annex
b) monopoly
c) cattle drive
d) reservation

business that controls an industry
a) tenement
b) cattle drive
c) monopoly
d) annex

rundown apartment building
a) monopoly
b) tenement
c) annex
d) reservation

take over
a) annex
b) union
c) tenement
d) monopoly

What resource was found in Alaska, much to everyone\'s surprise?
a) gold
b) aluminum
c) copper
d) silver

Who made the light bulbs last longer by making carbon filaments?
a) Thomas Edison
b) Benjamin Franklin
c) Alexander Graham Bell
d) Lewis Lattimer

A person who moved for freedom to Kansas was called a
a) homesteader
b) crazy man
c) exoduster
d) cowboy

Workers thought that working conditions were not right, so they formed
a) labor unions
b) monopolies
c) big businesses
d) corporations

Who helped immigrants adjust to life in America
a) Jane Adams
b) Sam Adams
c) Barack Obama
d) Nat Love

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