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A student sees the moon and says, \
a) The moon is reflecting light from the sun.
b) The moon is much larger than Earth.
c) The moon is much larger than the stars.
d) The moon is closer to Earth than the stars.

What can happen when the moon passes between Earth and the sun?
a) The sun lights both sides of the moon.
b) The moon stops the sun from producing light.
c) The sun blocks the view of the moon.
d) The moon blocks the light of the sun.

Which type of moon will be viewed from Earth when Earth is between the sun and the moon?
a) waning gibbous
b) full moon
c) new moon
d) waxing crescent

Which occurs when the moon, the sun, and Earth are in a straight line?
a) first quarter moon
b) spring tide
c) neap tide
d) third quarter moon

The length of time it takes Earth to rotate once on its axis is called a
a) season
b) day
c) year
d) month

During the ? Moon, high tides are higher than normal and low tides are lower than normal.
a) waning
b) quarter
c) waxing
d) full

What occurs when Earth is in a direct line between the Sun and the Moon?
a) crescent Moon
b) solar eclipse
c) lunar eclipse
d) new Moon

The Sun and Moon appear to be disks of the same size when viewed from Earth, but the Sun is many times larger than the Moon. Why do the Sun and Moon appear to be the same size?
a) The Moon is much cooler than the Sun.
b) The Moon is much closer to Earth than the Sun.
c) The Sun is much closer to Earth than the Moon.
d) The Sun is much brighter than the Moon.

The time it takes the Moon to make one complete revolution around Earth is one lunar cycle. About how long is one lunar cycle?
a) 7 days
b) 365 days
c) 29 days
d) 10 days

Venus appears very bright in the night sky because it...
a) has a gravitational field.
b) has a high surface temperature.
c) is the closest planet to Earth.
d) is the largest planet.

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