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Which set of objects best conducts electricity?
a) an iron washer and a metal fork
b) a door key and a rubber ball
c) a copper pipe and a wooden spoon
d) a rubber mallet and a glass measuring cup

When turning on a flashlight, a chemical reaction in the battery produces electricity that lights a bulb. According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, the energy exchanged
a) is created.
b) loses matter.
c) is destroyed.
d) changes forms.

Inside a power plant, coal is burned to produce hot gases. What type of energy conversion takes place as hot gases cause turbines to move?
a) thermal energy to chemical energy
b) thermal energy to kinetic energy
c) electrical energy to kinetic energy
d) kinetic energy to thermal energy

Which is the best example of chemical potential energy?
a) a book resting on a shelf
b) a stretched rubber band
c) a fuel tank containing gasoline
d) a pencil falling off a table

When a button is pushed, a circuit is completed and a buzzer is activated. The buzzer transferred electrical energy into
a) sound energy
b) chemical energy
c) light energy
d) nuclear energy

What type of energy transfer is taking place as the coils in a toaster heat?
a) chemical to thermal
b) nuclear to electrical
c) thermal to mechanical
d) electrical to radiant

What energy conversion occurs when a person rubs his or her hands together rapidly?
a) electrical energy to thermal energy
b) electrical energy to chemical energy
c) thermal energy to kinetic energy
d) kinetic energy to thermal energy

Which type of energy is being converted into kinetic energy as a marble falls from a shelf?
a) electrical potential energy
b) gravitational potential energy
c) elastic potential energy
d) chemical potential energy

What type of energy is converted when fireworks release heat, light, and sound?
a) kinetic energy
b) elastic potential energy
c) chemical potential energy
d) electromagnetic energy

A rubber band is stretched between a person's fingers and then released. This best demonstrates:
a) products and reactants
b) friction and air resistance
c) physical and chemical changes
d) potential and kinetic energy

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