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Which of the following is NOT an example of a wave?
a) Sound
b) Electromagnetic
c) Light
d) Rock

The number of waves that pass a point in a given amount of time is called the __________.
a) Frequency
b) Doppler
c) Decibel
d) Wavelength

Which of the following waves do NOT require a medium to travel through?
a) Sound Wave
b) Seismic Wave
c) Ocean Wave
d) Light Wave

This tells you how long a wave is.
a) Amplitude
b) Frequency
c) Wave speed
d) Wavelength

The amount of energy a wave has is called ____________________________.
a) Amplitude
b) Frequency
c) Wave speed
d) Wavelength

_____________________ is the number of times a wave goes by in a second, measured in Hz.
a) Amplitude
b) frequency
c) wave speed
d) wavelength

The frequency of a wave increases from 10 Hz to 20 Hz. What will happen to the wavelength of this wave?
a) It will increase
b) It will decrease
c) It will remain the same
d) None of the above

Which of the following is carried by waves?
a) Matter
b) Energy
c) Both matter and energy
d) Neither matter nor energy

During the experiment about sound your classmate shortened the distance between the string. He claimed this make the wavelength decrease as well as the pitch. Which is true?
a) The students was correct
b) The wavelength would increase and the pitch would increase
c) The wavelength would decrease but the pitch would increase
d) The wavelength would increase and the pitch would decrease

The volume of a sound wave increase. Which is the best explanation of why?
a) You turned the music up
b) You increased the amplitude
c) You decreased the amplitude
d) You changed the pitch

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