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An example of mass media advertising is
a) Special interest magazines
b) Network and local television
c) Billboards
d) Counter displays

Which of the following is an example of a buying motive?
a) Desire for good health
b) Credit cards
c) Brand name
d) Suggestion selling

An effort by the customer to avoid making a decision to purchase is usually demonstrated by the use of
a) Objections
b) Buying motives
c) Body language
d) Suggestion selling

Selling is successful when
a) The customer buys an item suggested by the salesperson
b) The customer buys more than he or she intended
c) The customer is satisfied with the purchase
d) None of these

Follow-up after a sale includes all of the following except
a) Checking with the customer to make sure an order is correct
b) Checking with a customer who did not buy to see if his or her needs have changed
c) Sending a thank-you note to the customer after a purchase
d) All of these are examples of follow-up

An effective method of increasing sales of a product for a short time is
a) Dealer aids
b) Coupons
c) Personal selling
d) Self-service merchandising

A promotional activity designed to familiarize customers with a new product and to create a demand for it in local businesses is
a) Personal selling
b) Outdoor advertising
c) Product samples
d) Telemarketing

In self-service merchandising, customers are persuaded to buy through
a) Effective sales demonstrations
b) Thorough study of advertisements
c) Merchadise displays and labels
d) All of these

In addition to the Federal Communications Commission, the federal agency that regulates promotion is the
a) Federal Trade Commission
b) Internal Revenue Service
c) Supreme Court
d) Commerce Department

Advertising that is misleading in any material respect is
a) Substantiated advertising
b) False advertising
c) Acceptable on cable television
d) Corrective advertising

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