W.W. Lesson 6 Question Preview (ID: 14141)

W.W. Lesson 6.

Who or what would you expect to applaud?
a) people hurrying down the sidewalk
b) animals at the zoo
c) people in an audience
d) flowers

What would an animal use to peer at you?
a) fangs
b) feet
c) claws
d) eyes

Which is an exclamation?
a) "How are you?"
b) "No!"
c) "Hey"
d) "Today was a good day."

What are jeers meant to do?
a) ask politely for quiet
b) warn someone of danger
c) insult or mock someone
d) praise someone

Which of the following can be a scoundrel?
a) a business person
b) a bus passenger
c) a bank robber
d) a pet cat

Which of these is refined?
a) corn on the cob
b) pure white flour
c) a head of lettuce
d) a wheat plant

If you make progress, you
a) irritate people
b) do your work slowly
c) try as hard as you can
d) make an improvement

An exquisite necklace is
a) old-fashioned
b) colorful
c) beautifully made
d) glittery

If you ask in vain, you
a) ask angrily
b) feel certain that you will get what you ask for
c) don't get what you ask for
d) beg for something

A synonym for drab is
a) colorful
b) moist
c) skilled
d) dull

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