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Which of the following space vehicles is designed to carry humans and can be reused?
a) Probe
b) Space Station
c) Shuttle
d) Rocket

a) Plate A
b) Plate D
c) Plate C
d) Plate B

The Earth\'s plate are ____________________, and most active volcanoes and earthquakes occur___________.
a) not moving anymore, on oceanic plates only
b) not moving and never have, on continental plates only
c) moving now but never did, underwater
d) constantly moving, along plate boundaries

a) 1
b) None
c) 3
d) 2

The lithosphere is composed of -
a) crust only
b) outer core only
c) the crust and uppermost part of the mantle
d) mantle only

forms metamorphic rocks
a) Heat and Pressure
b) Deposition
c) Weathering Erosion
d) Melting

A student used different colors of play-doh and layered them one on top of the other. Using layers of play-doh models the formation of -
a) Sedimentary Rocks
b) Granite
c) Metamorphic Rocks
d) Igneous Rocks

Metamorphic rock is most likely found -
a) In a volcano
b) at the bottom of the ocean
c) deep underground
d) on a coral reef

MELTING crayons in a beaker using a hot plate, then allowing it to cool models the formation of-
a) Sedimentary Rocks
b) Limestone
c) Metamorphic Rocks
d) Igneous Rocks

Metamorphic rock can be converted to sedimentary rock. Which of the following is the first step in this transformation?
a) weathering and erosion
b) heat and pressure
c) melting
d) cementation

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