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What is the genre called when the author writes his own life story?
a) biography
b) expository test
c) autobiography
d) tall tale

What is the genre called when someone writes the life story of another person?
a) historical fiction
b) autogiobraphy
c) fiction
d) biography

what is the genre called when the story contains facts about real people, places, and things
a) expository text
b) fiction
c) biography
d) historical fiction

what is the genre called when the story is set in the past and includes events, problems from that time period
a) historical fiction
b) expository text
c) fiction
d) autobiography

what is the genre when the story uses humor and exaggeration to tell the story
a) historical fiction
b) tall tale
c) biography
d) expository text

Which word is spelled correctly?q
a) rocous
b) prolefic
c) loquacious
d) adminestration

which word is spelled corectly?
a) loquaceous
b) nattering
c) spaeking
d) chatering

Which word is spelled corectly
a) respact
b) fiarness
c) respensobility
d) citizenship

Which word is spelled corectly
a) respect
b) vampere
c) yoursalf
d) colering

which word is spelled correctly
a) shering
b) harrangue
c) differenteate
d) caring

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