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There was an ugly duckling. All the other ducks laughed at her, and she felt ashamed. However, as she developed, they saw that she was actually a beautiful swan.
a) Don't judge a book by its cover.
b) We are all capable of improvments.
c) Don't judge people for their appearance, but rather for the quality of their character.
d) All of the Above

There was a king who wanted everything he touched to turn into gold. A fairy made this wish come true. Then anything he tried to eat turned into gold, so he starved to death.
a) Don't be lazy.
b) Sometimes grumpy people have a lot of money.
c) You should not want what other people have.
d) Don't be greedy.

A beauitul princess had all beautiful expensive dresses. She bragged about them all the time. The other maidens got so tired of hearing about it that they stopped being friends with her.
a) Don't brag; be modest.
b) United we stand; divided we fall.
c) Don't judge people for their appearance, but rather for the quality of their character.
d) Respect your elders.

How is the topic different than a theme?
a) Theme is the main idea and topic is the lesson.
b) There is no difference
c) Theme is a lesson and is stated in a sentence. Topic is the main idea and can be one word.
d) Theme is stated in one word and topic is a sentence.

Theme is the...
a) the message or lesson about life in a story.
b) main idea
c) highest point of interest in the story.
d) way of life

Once a frog jumped off an embankment into what he assumed was a pond. Unfortunately it was not a pond; it was just a ditch. There was a raccoon in the ditch that ate him.
a) What goes around comes around.
b) It is wonderful to try new things.
c) Real friends don't go away when times are tough.
d) Look before you leap.

A young boy laughed at the tired, slow old man. Then the young boy needed to interview a veteran for a school project. The old man was very helpful and the boy got an A on his paper. The boy felt bad about laughing at him.
a) Necessity is the mother of invention
b) Slow and steady wins the race.
c) Respect your elders.
d) All of the Above

Once a tiny fish that was tired of being in the school of fish all the time picked a fight with an older fish. He said, I don't need you; I'm leaving. So he swam away and with the protection of the others was eaten by a bigger fish.
a) Slow and steady wins the race.
b) We are all capable of greatness.
c) United we stand, divided we fall.
d) None of the above

A hare once bragged to all the animals that he could beat anyone in a race. A tortoise took the challenge. The hare was so confident that he took a nap. The tortoise kept up his steady pace and won the race.
a) Slow and steady wins the race.
b) All of the Above
c) Don't judge people for their appearance, but rather for the quality of their character.
d) Actions speak louder than words.

Theme should not include.
a) The names of characters and events in the theme.
b) Be universal and apply to other stories.
c) Should deal with life lessons and not the story.
d) A whole statement and not just a few words.

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