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A point shose latitiude is 0 degrees is located on the
a) North Pole
b) Equator
c) South Pole
d) prime meridian

The distance in degrees east or west of the prime merididan is
a) latitude
b) declination
c) longitude
d) projection

Weathering by abrasion is usually caused by
a) animals, plants, and wind
b) wind, water and gravity
c) ice wedging, animals and water
d) plants, gravity and ice wedging

Two acids found in acid precipitation are
a) hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid
b) nitric acid and hydrochloric acid
c) sulfuric acid and nitric acid
d) hydrochloric acid and nitric acid

The rich topsoil known as humus found in soils comes from
a) parent rock
b) decaying plants and animals
c) bedrock
d) horizon soil B

Contour plowing means plowing
a) up and down the slope of a hill
b) in steps along a hill
c) across the slope of a hill
d) in circles

The main reason farmers use crop rotation is to slow down the process of
a) soil removal by wind
b) soil removal by water
c) nutrient depletion
d) soil compaction

Which of water's properties directly causes mechanical weathering?
a) water dissolves many minerals
b) water can hold heat longer than soil
c) water expands when in freezes
d) water can form acid when combined with some gases.

Chemical weathering is most rapid in areas that are
a) hot and dry
b) warm and wet
c) cold and dry
d) cold and wet

The decayed plant and animal material in soil is called
a) humus
b) subsoil
c) horizon
d) dirt

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