CRCT Practice Test (#1) Review Question Preview (ID: 14125)

Pr. Test (#1) Review.

Which of these is NOT a major reason for high amounts of water pollution on the Yangtze and Ganges Rivers?
a) industrial runoff
b) agriculture
c) religious ceremonies
d) car exhaust

Why is Confucianism considered a philosophy instead of a religion?
a) Confucius only believed in one god.
b) No religion is allowed by the Chinese government today.
c) Confucius never wrote any of his ideas down for his followers.
d) His teachings are more about ethics and behavior than about religious ideas.

In the Sahel, overgrazing and drought have resulted in a decrease in the grassland region. What is this process called?
a) desertification
b) deforestation
c) reforestation
d) desalinization

Which major African ethnic group, located in western Africa, is primarily made up of Christians?
a) the Ashanti
b) the Bantu
c) the Arabs
d) the Swahili

Indian nationalism in the 1800s began as a reaction to:
a) British rule
b) religious conflict
c) communist-led revolution
d) long periods of drought and famine

The purpose of the Pan-African movement in Africa is to:
a) develop a unified political identity
b) develop one unified African economic system
c) create one African language
d) create one African government

Which type of government, currently used in China, has only one political party, and the central government controls most of the land and businesses?
a) communist state
b) capitalism
c) socialism
d) constitutional monarchy

Which of these was NOT a conflict that led to the independence of South Sudan from Sudan?
a) The South refused to support the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.
b) There are differences between the ethnic and religious groups of the North and the South.
c) The individuals in the North dominated the government.
d) The South has more oil and water resources.

Since apartheid was abolished in the 1990s, how has South Africa created a democratic government?
a) The white minority and the black majority have equal political rights.
b) It has adopted a free enterprise economy based on private property.
c) It has become a constitutional monarchy with very limited powers for the king.
d) The central government has given most of its power to local governments.

The only major resource in Nigeria is oil. How does this affect Nigeria's GDP?
a) It makes the GDP more dependent on oil production.
b) It makes the GDP more dependent on agriculture.
c) It makes the GDP inaccurate because there is only one major resource in the country.
d) It makes the GDP inaccurate because there is little industry.

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