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What can iron filings be used to show?
a) Magnetic field
b) None of these
c) Gravitational field
d) Electric field

Why does the needle of a compass point to magnetic North?
a) Earth\'s North Pole is strongest.
b) The compass needle alligns itself with Earth's magnetic field.
c) Only the North Pole attracts compasses.
d) Earth\'s North Pole is closest.

What will the north poles of two bar magnets do when brought together?
a) Attract.
b) Not interact.
c) Repel.
d) Create an electric current.

How many poles to all magnets have?
a) One
b) One or two
c) Three
d) Two

What a current-carrying wire is wrapped around an iron core, what can it create?
a) An aurora
b) A motor
c) A generator
d) A magnet

What does a transformer between utility wires and your house do?
a) Increases voltage.
b) Changes DC to AC.
c) Leaves voltage the same.
d) Decreases voltage.

If a transformer has 3 coils input, and 9 coils output, what is the change in voltage?
a) 3 times less
b) 9 times more
c) 9 times less
d) 3 times more

Which energy transformation occurs in an electric motor?
a) Electrical to kinetic
b) Kinetic to electrical.
c) Potential to kinetic
d) Electrical to thermal

What prevents most charged particles from the Sun from hitting the Earth?
a) The aurora.
b) Earth's atmosphere.
c) High altitude electric fields
d) Earth's magnetosphere.

Magnetic fields that surround all magnets exert
a) Magnetic force
b) Electric current.
c) Air pressure
d) Resistance

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