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Read 180 Flex Workshop 7 Review.

What is the meaning of the word adapted?
a) adjusted
b) discovered
c) swam
d) touched

Which sentence gives the best summary of 'Sea Census Under Way'?
a) Scientists are counting the people who live near the ocean.
b) The census is a ten-year project dedicated to recording all the plants and animals in the oceans.
c) So far, the census has not found any new species of marine life.
d) Scientists hope that the census will encourage people to protect the ocean.

What is the meaning of the word vast?
a) great
b) whole
c) huge
d) changing

Hydrothermal vents are hot because of ____________________________.
a) volcanic activity under the ocean floor.
b) the concentrated amount of sunshine they get.
c) the vast number of fish swimming around them.
d) the hot water that surrounds them.

What is the meaning of the word distinct?
a) marine
b) different
c) similar
d) unattractive

One effect of the twilight zone of the ocean having little sunlight is _________.
a) the zone is rich in plant life.
b) fish gather around hydrothermal vents.
c) predators can see their prey easily.
d) no plants grow here.

What is the meaning of the word contact?
a) danger
b) distance
c) connection
d) conflict

The creatures in the different ocean zones demonstrate how _________________.
a) fish are very similar to land animals.
b) living things adapt to their environments.
c) light is necessary for things to survive.
d) scientists know very little about life in the oceans.

What does the idiom 'making waves' mean?
a) helping out
b) telling the truth
c) causing trouble
d) daydreaming

Which sentence is an opinion?
a) The ocean covers 70% of the earth's surface.
b) The sunlit zone is also called the euphotic zone.
c) Many creatures in the twilight zone look weird.
d) Bioluminescence is the production of light by living things.

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