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If Marius bought Cosette 10 flowers that are 65% off and the origanal price for one flower is $1.50, how much did he pay for the 10 flowers?
a) $6.25
b) $2.22
c) $7.28
d) $5.20

Sam and Dean go to the gas station in Mississippi and the gas is 20% off. If one gallon of gas is $2.22, and they got 14 gallons of gas, how much did they pay?
a) $29.48
b) 24.92
c) $30.45
d) $15.22

Grantaire was buying a bottle liquor for 35% off, with the original of $8.53. How much did he have to pay?
a) $5.55
b) $3.67
c) $6.55
d) $2.34

Cosette wants to make an easter egg hunt for Gavroche. If baskets usually got $5 each, and there's a 10% discount on each basket, how much did 20 baskets cost?
a) $6.89
b) $5.75
c) $10.00
d) $12.35

Castiel was buying a new trenchcoat for 25% off with the original cost of 15.75. How much did he pay for the trenchcoat.
a) $3.25
b) $12.60
c) $10.75
d) $8.32

Jean Valjean buys a loaf of bread (not steals) for $4.00. He tips a baker 15%. How much did he spend total?
a) $6.53
b) $9.35
c) $5.86
d) $4.60

Balthazar purchased Gabriel's Horn for a discount of 45% with the original price of $35.00. How much did Balthazar pay?
a) $19.25
b) $11.85
c) $.56
d) $8.37

Courfeyrac and Grantaire want to buy Enjorlas a vest for his birthday. If the original price was 27.00, and it was on sale with a new price of 20.25, what percent was the discount?
a) 48%
b) 32%
c) 25%
d) 50%

Dean and Sam go to a diner. The diner has a sale for 15% off all pie. Dean buys two slices of pie, and one slice of pie is $2.22, how much did Dean pay?
a) $.48
b) $.67
c) $.54
d) $.35

Crowley wanted to buy some souls off the black market. Each soul was on sale for 52%, and the orginal price was $2.25. If he purchased 5 souls, how much did he spend.
a) $5.85
b) $6.79
c) $3.86
d) $4.78

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