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Alex and Richard go to Tristan's weave emporium. Alex buys a hairline hider for $2.99 and Richard buys a weave for $8.99. What is the total cost?
a) 11
b) 11.98
c) 12.98
d) 10.00

Richard wants to buy new shoes for $74.99. He has a 10% discount. How much would the shoes cost with the discount taken off the original price? You can round up?
a) 7.50
b) 75.00
c) 67.49
d) 10.00

Alex and Tristan go to Derpy Llama Co's official restaurant. Alex orders 2 derpy cola's for $.099 and a grilled llama steak for $26.00. How much did they spend in all?
a) $30.00
b) $17.59
c) $19.99
d) $27.98

Alex buys $20.00 worth of food and he wants to leave a 10% tip and there is a 7.5% tax. What is the total spent?
a) $21.00
b) $23.50
c) $21.50
d) $22.00

Richard buys $15 meal at Mcdonalds. The tax was 6.5% and he left 10% tip. What did he spend in all?
a) $15.50
b) $15.98
c) $17.48
d) $16.50

Tristan goes to gamestop and buys BF4 for 65.99 and Bioshock infinite for 70.99. What is the total cost?
a) 130.99
b) 134.99
c) 135.00
d) 136.98

Richard buys 7 footballs, for $3.25 each. How much did he pay in all?
a) $22.75
b) $3.25
c) -$22.75
d) $11.00

Alex goes to BurgerKing, and buys a meal for $23, the tax is $8.50, and leaves a %20 tip. What is the total amount?
a) $24.00
b) $24.66
c) $24.46
d) $29.56

Tristan buys $52.60 worth of food at Harvest Grill. The tax is 8% and he leaves a 20% tip. What is the total amount spent?
a) $60.00
b) $4.20
c) $10.52
d) $67.33

Richard goes to a restaurant and the food costs $9.00, the tax is %10 and Richard leaves a %10 percent tip. What is the total cost of Richard's meal?
a) $9.90
b) $1.35
c) $11.25
d) $0.90

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