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This Section Includes Word Problems To Help You Practice Or Learn Your Skills On Finding Percents Of Numbers. Please Note That Most Of These Questions Involve You To Stretch Your Thinking. Made For The 7th Graders At PAS. P.S. Sophia And Emily Are The.

Kevin wrote a song called, "Little WIngs." It had 5 views the first day. The second day, it had 100 views. What is the percent increase of the amount of views?
a) 19%
b) 20%
c) 95%
d) 1900%

The story 'Dark' had 46 chapters in January. By March, there were 50 chapters. What was the percent increase in the amount of chapters?
a) 4%
b) 9%
c) 80%
d) 75%

Christopher Edwards spent 8 hours working on a song one day. The next day, he only spent 4 hours. What is the percent decrease?
a) 50%
b) 150%
c) 4%
d) 40%

Drew Biebs was about to perform in front of 3,000 people. His fandom has 2,000,000 people. What percent of his fandom was at the concert?
a) 150%
b) 5%
c) 15%
d) .15%

Carter went to the park. There were 10 squirrels there. After an hour, there were 20 squirrels. What is the percent increase in the total amount of squirrels?
a) 100%
b) 200%
c) 10%
d) 50%

DJ Javadd decided to buy ear muffs. They were 23% off the original price. The original price was $92. What is the final price after the discount?
a) $21.16
b) $70.84
c) $69
d) None of the above.

At a rugby match, Wolverhampton had 2, and Cheshire had 0. At the end of the match the score was 10-0. What is the percent increase of the score?
a) 80%
b) 8%
c) 10%
d) 400%

The guitar store offers Josh lessons for $21.00. Because it was Josh's second year playing guitar, he was offered a discount of 30%. What is the price after the discount?
a) $6.30
b) $6.00
c) $14.70
d) $30

Edward Harris needed new weave for his Platypus Perry. He went to the weave emporium and the price was $357. It was 10% off. What was the price after the discount?
a) $35.70
b) $321.30
c) $392.70
d) $347

Lou Tomm bought 75 cupcakes because he's the queen and he can. 75 cupcakes were $75 all together. They were 92% off. What is the new price?
a) $69
b) $70
c) $92
d) $6

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