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Cheyenne went to the hair store to buy more weave. If each pack of hair was $86.95, how much would 3 packs of hair cost?
a) $303.45
b) $259.65
c) $260.85
d) $3,000,000

Find the value of X in this equation 9X=1008
a) 112
b) 236
c) 142
d) none of these

Reilly went to go buy a new soccer ball for $19.99. He only has 5 dollars, how much more money does he need?
a) $12.99
b) $13.99
c) $14.99
d) $15.99

Solve the problem: 2^2(9X9)+81-18.5
a) 1101
b) 386.5
c) 406.6
d) none of these

Tristan bought new Bred 11's for Kenna for $120.00. Kenna said she would pay him back 1/4 of the money he paid. How much will she pay him back?
a) $29.95
b) $30.00
c) $35.00
d) $36.00

If you have 80 cupcakes and you give 41 to your best friend and your brother give you 85. how many cupcakes do you have?
a) 51
b) 38.5
c) 98
d) none of these

Sabrina bought 23 bootleg movies at 3 dollars a peice how much did she pay for all 23 movies?
a) $996
b) $70
c) $68
d) $69

solve the problem: 9X3(1345-543)+76-13
a) 113.89
b) 21,717
c) 560
d) 765.76

Isabel spent $800 on a new laptop, she only has $663. How much more does she need to pay for the laptop?
a) $455
b) $138
c) $136
d) $137

find the value of Y in this operation 845Y=5541510
a) 6558
b) 7652
c) 6475
d) none of these

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