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A longer segment of program content, usually consisting of several related scenes.
a) Camera Angle
b) Sequence
c) Continuity
d) Setup

A fade-in that coincides with a fade-out, so that the incoming shot gradually replaces the outgoing shot.
a) Wipe
b) Dissolve
c) Program
d) Jump Cut

Any digitally created transitional device other than a fade or dissolve.
a) Match Points
b) Setup
c) Shot
d) Digital Video Effect (DVE)

To follow one shot with another.
a) Program
b) Cut Together
c) Wipe
d) Point of View

The places, in two shots, where they can be cut together to make the action appear continuous.
a) Sequence
b) Shot
c) Setup
d) Match Points

A major section (usually between 10 and 45 minutes) of a longer program.
a) Act
b) Scene
c) Shot
d) Sequence

The position from which a shot is taken.
a) Digital Video Effect (DVE)
b) Camera Angle
c) Point of View
d) Telephoto Lens

A transition in which a line moves across the screen, covering the outgoing shot with the incoming shot.
a) Dissolve
b) Jump Cut
c) Wipe
d) Fade-Out

A single continuous recording.
a) Scene
b) Sequence
c) Act
d) Shot

An edit in which the incoming shot is too similar to the outgoing shot.
a) Fade-Out
b) Jump Cut
c) Dissolve
d) Cut Together

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