492 BOC Psychological Referral Part 3 Of 3 Question Preview (ID: 14106)

492 BOC Psychological Referral Part Three Of Three References: Athletic Training Exam Review. 2009. (Long, B. & Hale, C.). Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins Publishers. Psychosocial Intervention And Referral Section 10 References: Athletic Training Ex.

While working with an athlete’s rehabilitation over the course of several weeks the two of you start to develop an understanding with each other this state can be described as ______
a) The process of sending, receiving, and understanding information
b) The benefits to well-being that people derive through their relationships with others
c) A state of relationship between two or more people characterized by trust and confidence
d) A method of working with patients or clients to assist them in modifying or reducing factors that interfere with effective li

You discover one of your athletes is suffering from depression and may require a more attention then you could provide _______ might best describe this situation.
a) Not having the amount of resources necessary
b) Provideing only short-term counseling
c) The possible conflict of interests
d) Developeing a dependency upon asking for your advice

Which of the following are psychological factors of Andersen and Williams’ stress response model of athletic injury?
a) Coping resources, social support, state of anxiety
b) Social support, attentional changes, coping resources
c) Personality, history stressors, coping resources
d) History of stressors, attentional changes, personality

Morality, creativity, acceptance of facts, and lack of prejudice is an example of which of the following in regards to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
a) Knowing what is emotionally draining
b) knowledge of ones self
c) Knowledge of ones esteem needs
d) Feelings of safety and security in ones self

While working with an athlete, you start to notice that they are constantly getting hurt and unable to make full recovery’s, and often times what seems like minor injuries are often very painful this this might be an example of ___________ type of co
a) Somatization
b) Myofacial pain syndrome
c) Fibromyalgia
d) Complex reginonal pain syndrome

While performing assessment on an adult athlete you find that the avoid coming to you for their injurers, and does not wish to participate within any type of rehabilitation program. ________ most closely represents this psychological condition.
a) Simple phobia
b) Panic disorder
c) Agoraphobia
d) Specific phobia

Which is not a form of nonverbal communications?
a) Kinesics
b) Paralanguage
c) Proxemics
d) Somatization

You find that someone has been breaking into the locker rooms after hours, this violates the ____________ law of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
a) Self-actualization- because the team is now aware that one of them might be a thief
b) Esteem- because the realization that someone is stealing will lower the teams emotional status
c) Safety- because violation of one’s property could have a negative impact on their emotional state
d) Love/Belonging- because it is unsettling for the team to realize that they cannot trust each other

While performing a psychological assessment on one of your athletes you find that they are suffering from irritability, disorganized speech and anti-social behaviors, these are characteristics of ____________ type of psychological disorder.
a) Attention deficit disorder
b) Schizophrenia
c) Depression
d) Autism

Which is not an anxiety disorder?
a) Obsessive compulsive disorder
b) Agoraphobia
c) Dysthymia
d) Post-traumatic stress disorder

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