492 BOC Psychological Referral Part 2 Of 3 Question Preview (ID: 14105)

492 BOC Psychological Referral Part Two Of Three References: Athletic Training Exam Review. 2009. (Long, B. & Hale, C.). Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins Publishers. Psychosocial Intervention And Referral Section 10 References: Athletic Training Exam.[print questions]

What are all of the reasons to document counseling efforts with athletes?
a) Professional standards, improved communications, legal protection, memory aid
b) Improved communications, legal protection, memory aid, referral processes
c) Legal protection, referral processes, improved communications, legal protection
d) Memory aid, professional standards, improved communications, referral process

What term identifies the perception of control over personal behaviors?
a) Linear control
b) Focused model
c) Locus of control
d) Introversion

After a long season Jill has experienced several overuse injuries and has not had time to make a full recovery. At the same time school has become very stressful and has been finding it difficult to do both sport and school. What is Jill experiencing
a) Depression
b) Malnutrition
c) Overtraining
d) Burnout

During a rehabilitation process it is vital to maintain an athlete physiological state of mind in term of doing this _______is the least effective way of doing so.
a) Goal setting to help the athlete progress
b) Reframing of a negative situation into a positive
c) Reinforcement of positive behaviors
d) Profiling of mood states)

_______ is personality mood state where an individual has the ability to be able to withstand pressure and overcome obstacles while others might burn out or become uninterested.
a) Competitiveness
b) Drive
c) Hardiness
d) Optimism

________ is a major depressive disorder that can be treated effectively by __________?
a) Agoraphobia, medications
b) Post-traumatic stress disorder, therapy and medications
c) Paranoia, therapy and medications
d) General adaptation syndrome, therapy

Personality and mood state have been examined in the literature. Which of the following variables are not considered to relate to this concept?
a) Pessimistic explanatory style
b) Hardiness
c) Disproportionate optimism (Barbara Long, Athletic Training Exam Review, Section 10)
d) All are related

Which psychotherapy profeessional has gone to medical school and completed 4-year residence?
a) Social worker
b) Counselor
c) Sports psychiatrist
d) Psychiatrist

During the course of rehabilitating an athlete you find that he is unresponsive to motivation, you start to feel this athlete might be prolonging there injury, this would be an example of ________
a) The athletes Self-perception is low and he does not believe in himself in order to return
b) The athlete accepting the Adherence of being injured and believes that they will not be able to fully recover.
c) The athlete is within the Boredom spectrum and is uninterested in the current state of his rehabilitation.
d) The athlete is Malingering because they do not wish to return to practice.

Which of the following situations best describes these forms of communications. Kinesics, Paralanguage, Proxemics
a) Tom tells sue to pass the word onto the rest of the team
b) Bill screams at Joe to get out
c) Joe shakes his head to signify an answer to a question
d) Sam says yes i can do that for you

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