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Which of the following would be the head of government in an autocracy?
a) dictator
b) president
c) prime minister
d) members of the upper class

Maria lives in a country where one national government has all of the power. It sounds like Maria lives under which form of government?
a) unitary
b) confederation
c) parliamentary deomcracy
d) presidential democracy

Which of the following is the best description of a prime minister?
a) a head of government elected by members of a legislature
b) an executive independent from the legislative branch.
c) an autocratic ruler
d) the leader of an elite ruling class

How is power distributed in a unitary government?
a) No one group or person has control of the government.
b) Smaller units of governments, like counties, control the central government
c) A central government controls the government and has control over the country.
d) The central government does not have control over any part of the government.

In which type of government do citizens have the most power?
a) Democratic
b) Monochromatic
c) Autocratic
d) Oligarchic

What type of government divides power between central and regional authorities?
a) Federal
b) Unitary
c) Monetary
d) Confederation

Governments need to invest in human capital and capital goods in order to increase which of the following?
a) GDP
c) NFL

Which statement is true about an oligarchy?
a) A small group of people govern.
b) Laws protect the citizens.
c) Leaders are elected by all citizens over the age of 18.
d) Any member of the general population can run for chief executive.

In a confederation government, who has the most power?
a) The governments of the member countries or states
b) the tariffs
c) the Central Government
d) the voting public

Which type of government divides power between the central government and smaller units such as states?
a) Federation
b) Utopian
c) Confederation
d) Theocracy

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