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What is the appropriate recommendation for fluid consumption during exercise?
a) 24 to 28 oz every 15 to 20 minutes
b) 6 to 12 oz every 15 to 20 minutes
c) 16 to 24 oz every 15 to 20 minutes
d) 4 to 8 oz every 15 to 20 minutes

While working with one of your strength training athletes they ask you for advice on how much protein to take in on a daily basis, he tells you his nutrition professor recommends that he take in 1g per pound of bodyweight, what might you infer to?
a) That those recommendations are too high, and will result in negative effects
b) That those recommendations are too low, and there are no protein toxicity levels, unless you have a underling renal dysfuncti
c) That protein intake doesn’t matter and has no effects when supplemented
d) Nothing that is more than an adequate amount of protein for a strength athlete.

What nutritional deficiency can be characterized by dry, flaking skin?
a) All are characterized by dry, flaking skin
b) Vitamin C
c) Vitamin B complex
d) Linoleic acid

A mesomorph type female athlete comes into your clinic and asks advice on loosening weight, because her nutrition professor took her BMI and told her she was obese, which of the following might you infer?
a) That BMI completely inaccurate and tells you nothing about the ratio of muscle to fat
b) That she needs to lose weight to help her prevent the onset of future health risks
c) That the BMI is found to reduce health risks from obesity
d) That the BMI is a valuable tool and should be accepted as such

A newly vegan athlete enters your clinic with complaints of being unable to focus feelings of being week and depression. You come to the conclusion that she_________
a) That being a vegan is the most healthy thing ever, especially if you’re a high level athlete
b) That she is anemic because of the lack of iron
c) That her diet is lacking within saturated fat that is essential and necessary for all bodily functions
d) That she is still new to the vegan lifestyle and it was a good move she will feel better in no time

Caffine is thought to do which of the following?
a) Decrease muscle damage due to exercise
b) Increase fat metabolism during endurance exercise
c) Reduce anxiety
d) Decrease glycogen stores

An athlete enters the clinic complaining about loosening energy during exercise you understand that they may need to add _______ to their diet to prevent them from loosening energy during exercise.
a) Some additional olive oil
b) More water
c) A potato
d) A energy drink

What nutritional deficiency can be characterized by muscle wasting?
a) Fiber, Glucose, Fat
b) Fruits, Grains, Vegetables
c) Triglycerides, Carbohydrate, Fat
d) Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate

A female ectomorph female athlete enters your clinic seeking advice on resistance training, she explains that she does not want to get bulky you would respond with ________
a) Your right females should only perform cardio; muscle has no proven effect on health or wellness
b) Resistance training will not make you bulky and is a critical component of health and well-being, because even an ectomorph b
c) Female athletes should resistance train, but it should be limited and with lighter weights
d) Female athletes should only train legs as a method of preventing there upper body’s from becoming too large

What nutritional deficiency can be characterized by tongue papillary atrophy?
a) Boron
b) Folic acid
c) Sulfur
d) Niacin

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