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An abnormality that occurs in people with high stress (surgery/illness); high carbohydrate little protein diet; and characterized as having decreased hair and skin pigmentation, scaling skin, and generalized edema, these symptoms best represent _____
a) Zeism
b) Hyperalimentation
c) Pansteatitis
d) Kwashiorkor

What nutritional deficiency can be characterized by cracks in the skin of hands, legs, face or neck?
a) Niacin, tryptophan
b) Phosporous
c) Biotin
d) Ribofabin

An athlete comes in presenting with numbness and pain in their hands and feet, indicative of a peripheral neuropathy. You might infer from this that they are suffering from _________ type of deficiency.
a) Vitamin B3
b) Vitamin B16
c) Vitamin B9
d) Vitamin B6

The phosphocreatine cycle is vital for the production of energy on a cellular level, list in order of importance the phosphocreatine cycle.
a) Creatine-ATP-ADP-Phosphocreatine
b) ATP-ADP-Creatine-Phosphocreatine
c) Creatine-Phoshocreatine-ATP-ADP
d) ADP-ATP-Phosphocreatine-Creatine

Which of the following is not a monosaccharide?
a) Fructose
b) Lactose
c) Glucose
d) Ribose

An athlete approaches you with joint pain that has been persisting for several weeks, normally worsening after activity, which of nutrient deficits might you infer?
a) A inability to synthases collagen because of a lack of Vitamin C
b) Poor ability to digest vital nutrients due to a Vitamin B12 deficiency
c) Weaker bone development from a lack of Vitamin A
d) Poor ability to get oxygen rich blood into joints from a lack of Vitamin B9

Which of the following best describes the definition of rickets, its population base and the primary vitamin deficiency responsible?
a) Weakness of bone density, often affecting older populations resulting from a Vitamin A deficiency.
b) Weakness of joints, often affecting athletes during overtraining resulting from a Vitamin B6 deficiency.
c) Weakness of bone density, often affecting younger children resulting from a Vitamin D deficiency.
d) Weakness of joints, often affecting older populations resulting from a poor Vitamin B9

What condition is characterized by softening of bones and what is its primary mechanism?
a) Osteoporosis, and Biotin
b) Osteomalacia, and Thiamine
c) Rickets and Folate
d) Osteocrondritis, and Riboflavin

An athlete enters your clinic and presents with symptoms of fatigue, you also notice that there skin is dry and they have a red beefy tongue, what might you suspect/infer from these finding?
a) A diet lacking of Fat soluble vitamins, in conjunction with overtraining.
b) Poor Micromineral absorption due to a possible autoimmune disorder.
c) A diet lacking within consumption Beta-carotene, which is vital for healthy skin.
d) A diet lacking in B complex vitamins, that aid in absorption of vital nutrients.

Which of the following might you expect of an athlete with a prior history of being anemic, and that often easily develops the flu? upon examination you notice she also has corkscrew like hair, feelings of fatigue and loss of skin pigment?
a) She is unable to absorb Iorn
b) She is having a deficiency in Copper
c) She is having a deficiency in Magnesium
d) She is unable to absorb Zinc

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