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What do scientists believe caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?
a) a large object from space hitting the Earth
b) the increase in numbers of mammals
c) the appearance of man
d) a long drought

Which vertebrate did not live during the time of the dinosaurs?
a) man
b) birds
c) alligators
d) fish

What is the best evidence that many different geologic periods are represented in Virginia?
a) the presence of fossils of different ages
b) the location of the Piedmont
c) the length of its rivers
d) the amount of chemical weathering

Compared to the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachian Moutains are much
a) older
b) thicker
c) higher
d) less eroded

Which of these is the best evidence that the Earth's crust has undergone some major changes?
a) Land forms carved by glaciers in temperate (warm) regions
b) Magnetic reversals in layers of rock
c) Ocean currents
d) Depletion of oxygen in lakes and rivers

Of the following, the largest divison of the geologic time scale is
a) an era
b) an epoch
c) a year
d) a period

Which of these is the best evidence that the Earth's crust has undergone some major changes?
a) the presence of marine fossils in mountain rock
b) the amount of available water on Earth
c) the location of major rivers
d) the arrival of the vernal equinox

Of the following, the smallest division on the geologic time scale is
a) an epoch
b) a period
c) an era
d) a year

What era do we live in?
a) Cenozoic
b) Cambrian
c) Paleozoic
d) Mesozoic

How old do scientists believe the Earth is?
a) 4.6 Billion years old
b) 2.6 Billion years old
c) 3.6 Million years old
d) 4.6 Million years old

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