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What is a table for finding possible genotypes called?
a) Punnett square
b) Heredity maps
c) Dominance chart
d) Pedigree

Where is the ratio of recessive to dominant traits?
a) 3:1
b) 4:1
c) 1:1
d) Unknown with a diagram

Where does the dominant trait alway occur
a) in the first generation
b) in the second generation
c) in homozygous offspring only
d) Unable to tell without a heredity map

When each allele has its own degree of dominance it is called
a) incomplete dominance
b) dominant traits
c) true-breeding
d) dominant allele sharing

When an offspring has the same traits as its parents it is because it is a(n)
a) true breeding plant
b) self-pollinating plant
c) special plant
d) duplicate plant

These are made during meiosis
a) sex cells
b) body cells
c) incomplete dominance cells
d) asexual cells

Whan a plant fertilizes itself it is because of
a) self-pollination
b) true-breeding skills
c) sexual reproduction
d) cross-pollination

This appears in the second generation
a) a recessive trait
b) a dormant trait
c) a heredity trait
d) a vacation trait

The fertilization of one plant to another is called
a) cross-pollination
b) self-pollination
c) asexual reproduction
d) true-breeding

This traces a trait through generation of a family
a) pedigree
b) phenotype
c) genotype
d) probability

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