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Which word means the opposite of abolish?
a) create
b) destory
c) end
d) stop

Which is NOT an example of agriculture?
a) raising chickens
b) planting corn
c) programming computers
d) harvesting wheat

Which phrase best describes an amendment?
a) something taken out of a bill or law
b) an addition to a bill or law
c) a new bill or law
d) a proposal for a new bill or law

What did the American colonists hope to gain by fighting in the American Revolution?
a) their freedom
b) a new army
c) Great Britain
d) riches

Which sentence uses bicameral incorrectly?
a) A bicameral legislature has four branches.
b) The United States bicameral legislature consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate.
c) A bicameral legislature consists of two branches.
d) Branches of government can check each other’s power in a bicameral legislature.

Which word does NOT describe a blockade?
a) barrier
b) obstruction
c) restriction
d) opening

King George of England signed the Charter of 1732 to describe which of the following as they pertained to the colony of Georgia?
a) abilities and talents
b) ideas and motivations
c) rights and rules
d) goals and missions

The term Cherokee defines what kind of American group?
a) women's
b) Indian
c) singing
d) Eskimo

Which is a characteristic of a good citizen?
a) dishonest
b) lazy
c) hard-working
d) disrespectful

The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s helped which group gain equal rights?
a) African Americans
b) Mexicans
c) Europeans
d) Australians

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