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Which of the following is incorrect?
a) droplets fall faster when they are smaller
b) rain droplets are 1 million times heavier than cloud droplets
c) droplets can combine and collide with each other
d) droplets need to be heavy enough to fall through the air

The most common form of precipitation is
a) rain
b) snow
c) sleet
d) freezing rain

________________ will usually fall from ________ clouds
a) drizzle & mist; stratus
b) drizzle & mist; cirrus
c) rain & sleet; cirrus
d) rain & sleet; status

Raindrops are larger than _____ mm. Hail is larger than ____ mm
a) 0.5; 5
b) 5; 0.5
c) 0.6; 6
d) 6; 0.6

What is the difference between sleet and freezing rain?
a) sleet freezes in the air
b) sleet started as rain
c) freezing rain started as rain
d) freezing rain freezes in the air

All snowflakes are ___________ and have ______________
a) different; 6 branches
b) similar; 6 branches
c) different; 5 branches
d) similar; 5 branches

Hail stones grow __________ as they are repeatedly tossed up and down in a ________________ cloud
a) smaller; nimbostratus
b) smaller; cumulonimbus
c) larger; cumulonimbus
d) larger; nimbostratus

Long periods without precipitation is called
a) drought
b) oblivion
c) lack of rain
d) famine

Which of the following is incorrect regarding cloud seeding?
a) Silver iodide is used so water vapor can condense on something
b) Silver iodide is used to cool down the water vapor
c) Dry ice is used to make droplets heavy enough to cause precipitation
d) Dry ice is used to cause cloud droplets to freeze

Usually ___ cm of snow collected with a _____________ is the same amount of water as 1 cm of rain
a) 10; rain gauge
b) 10; snow gauge
c) 5; rain gauge
d) 5; snow gauge

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