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a) lines that run from pole to pole and divide the earth vertically
b) lines at the equator
c) horizontal lines that divide the earth from east to west

organism who contributes to the diversity of life and whose extinction whould most likely lead to the extinction of other organisms
a) species
b) flora
c) keystone species

What is the definition for flora?
a) plants of a specific region
b) animals of a specific region
c) organisms of a specific region

A coniferous forest biome is
a) a forest where more than half are trees that shed their leaves in the fall and grow back in the spring
b) a dry, barren land that has small trees throughout the land
c) a forest where more than half are evergreen or needle trees whose seeds are in cones.

The savannah biome is
a) grasslands scattered with shrubs and isolated trees, warm temperature and not enough rainfall to support a forest
b) dry, barren land that has small trees throughout the land
c) largest of all biomes and lies on the equator

The ocean biomes is
a) largest of all biomes, any water enviornment that has a least .5% salt in it
b) less than 10% of earth, has 10% of aquatic species
c) largest of all biomes, any water environment that has at least 3.5% salt in it

The act of trying to keep something in its original existing state.
a) protect
b) preservation
c) conservation

The desert biome is
a) dry, barren land with less than 1% of salt water in it
b) dry, barren land with low percipitation, has lots of vegitation
c) dry, barren land with low percipitation, desolate and little vegitation

exotic organism
a) no longer in existence
b) group of organisms that are capable of breeding with each other
c) attractive, striking, and unusual characteristics

A movement to protect natural resources including plants, animals and the habitat that they live in.
a) Preservation
b) Protection
c) Conservation

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