Wars You Need To Know Question Preview (ID: 14089)

This Quiz Will Make Sure You Know The Major Wars And Conflicts We've Covered This Year In Georgia Studies.

Which war was fought between the American colonies and Great Britain from 1775 to 1783?
a) the American Revolution
b) the French and Indian War
c) the Vietnam War
d) the Civil War

What do we call the conflict between France and Great Britain that took place in North America in the 1700s?
a) the British Revolution
b) the French and Indian War
c) Waterloo Battle
d) the War for French Indepenence

How did the Proclamation of 1763 impact the colonies?
a) It did not impact or affect the colonies.
b) They could no longer buy their tea from England.
c) All U.S. airships would be immediately shot down.
d) The colonists were no longer allowed to expand to the west.

Who led Georgia’s militia in a victory over 800 British soldiers at Kettle Creek Georgia during the War for Independence?
a) General Sherman
b) Elijah Clarke
c) George Washinton
d) Napoleon Bonaparte

Which female Georgia Patriot captured and killed a group of Tories during the Revolution?
a) Nancy Hart
b) Amelia Earheart
c) Button Gwinett
d) Lymon Hall

Which war was the first to use technology including airplanes, tanks, and submarines?
a) the War for Indpendence
b) the Cold War
c) World War I
d) World War II

Who led his troops in a burning rampage across Georgia from Atlanta to Savannah?
a) General Sherman
b) Jefferson Davis
c) Andrew Jackson
d) Elijah Clarke

During the American Revolution, what is the name of the battle that the soldiers of Georgia lost and Britain was able to maintain control of the state?
a) East Side versus West Side
b) Torries Run
c) Yorktown
d) the Siege of Savannah

How did the French and Indian War (Seven Years War) contribute to the American Revolution?
a) The Indians were now friends with the British and wanted revenge on the Colonists.
b) England went into debt because of the war and decided to tax the colonies to get their money back.
c) The Native Americans set up a factory and produced tea that replaced the need for British made tea.
d) Because the French won the war, the colonists wanted to become French.

Who was at war during the American Civil War?
a) the North versus the South
b) the Yankees versus the Rebels
c) the Union versus the Confederacy
d) all of the answers

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