Unit 1-2 Review Question Preview (ID: 14083)

This Test Reviews The Nature Of Science For Our End Of Course Exam.

Johnathan wants to know how fertilizer affects the growth of plants. The steps below are out of order. Which of these steps did Johnathan do LAST?
a) Plant identical plants in three planters that are exactly the same, and place each plant in an area
b) Make certain that each plant receives the same amount of water daily.
c) Give the first plant no liquid fertilizer, the second plant 10 mL of liquid fertilizer, and the thir
d) Record the height and number of leaves in each plant

A scientist wants to carry out an experiment to learn how acid rain affects living organisms. Which of the following would be the BEST hypothesis to test for this experiment?
a) Acid rain is harmful to aquatic organisms.
b) Acid rain tends to fall in the northeastern United States.
c) Different factors contribute to the formation of acid rain.
d) Trout exposed to acid rain will lay fewer eggs.

The independent variable is MOST often found on which part of a graph?
a) data table
b) line graph
c) y axis
d) x axis

SI, the abbreviation for System International d\'Unites, is:
a) an Internet system of measurement which combines Internet tracking with online surveys
b) a comprehensive computer controlled audio measurement system
c) the complete system of units of measurement based on the number 10
d) a high precision digital measurement system used for data storage in industry,

Is the following statement an inference or an observation? - It looks like rain.
a) inference
b) hypothesis
c) prediction
d) observation

Josh measured the speed of an object at 25 km per hour. This is a ---
a) qualitative observation
b) SI Unit for length
c) inference
d) quantitative observation

Which science process skill involves using your five senses to describe what is seen, heard, felt, smelt, and tasted?
a) Inferring
b) Observing
c) Measuring
d) Predicting

The boy has on a blue jacket. This is an example of ---
a) inference
b) hypothesis
c) prediction
d) observation

If it is cold outside, then the boy will wear a coat. This is an example of a --
a) inference
b) hypothesis
c) prediction
d) observation

Using what you know about measurement, what tool and unit would you use to measure the mass of a block of wood?
a) graduated cylinder; ml
b) meter stick; mm
c) triple beam balance; g
d) meter stick; cm

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