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A process that enables the delivery of personalized messages to large numbers of recipients
a) Soft bounces
b) Mail merge
c) Address Book
d) Forward

Someone who transmits a message
a) Subject Line
b) Sender
c) Receiver
d) Mail merge

(Electronic mail) The exchange of electronic messages and computer files between computers that are connected to the Internet or some other computer network
a) Host name
b) E-mail client
c) Message
d) E-mail

The software that recipients use to read e-mail
a) E-mail client
b) Subject Line
c) Trash
d) Message

A communication (usually brief) that is written or spoken or signaled
a) Message
b) E-mail
c) Soft bounces
d) E-mail client

Place where you put files to delete them
a) Sender
b) Outbox
c) Trash
d) Host name

A personal directory of e-mail addresses stored and maintained with one's e-mail program
a) Mail merge
b) Subject Line
c) Address Book
d) Outbox

The title of an e-mail communication
a) E-mail client
b) Trash
c) Sender
d) Subject Line

E-mail messages that cannot be delivered to the recipient because of a temporary error, such as a full mailbox
a) Soft bounces
b) Sender
c) E-mail
d) Address Book

The act of constructing or creating an original piece of writing
a) E-mail
b) Mail merge
c) Compose
d) Soft bounces

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