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ICT I - Unit 3.[print questions]

A communication (usually brief) that is written or spoken or signaled
a) Message
b) Sender
c) Forward
d) Subject Line

A paperless way to sign a document using an electronic symbol or process attached or associated with the document
a) Inbox
b) Electronic Signature
c) Message
d) E-mail

Also known as unsolicited commercial email; unwanted, unsolicited junk email sent to a large number of recipients
a) Host
b) Draft
c) Spam
d) Delete

Any preliminary version of a written work
a) Delete
b) Sender
c) Reply
d) Draft

An answer to the person that has written to you
a) Reply
b) Draft
c) Mail merge
d) Hard bounces

E-mail messages that cannot be delivered to the recipient because of a permanent error, such as an invalid or non-existing e-mail address
a) Spam
b) Delete
c) Hard bounces
d) Electronic Signature

To remove an item of data from a file or to remove a file from the disk
a) Host
b) Forward
c) Reply
d) Delete

Forwards a copy of the message and any additional comments to a different e-mail address
a) Mail merge
b) Message
c) Electronic Signature
d) Forward

A folder where you receive incoming mail
a) Inbox
b) Draft
c) Delete
d) Hard bounces

This server carries software so other computers on the network do not have to download the software
a) Message
b) Spam
c) Host
d) Inbox

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