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is simply a repeating of what was stated earlier.
a) repeat
b) restatement
c) re-do
d) retry

is the definition attached to a word different from the original meaning, such as slang.
a) denotation
b) connotation
c) definition
d) dictionary

is the intended meaning of the word.
a) denotation
b) connotation
c) defintion
d) dictionary

can be described as the procedure that initiates the writing process, such as brainstorming, web, jot list, etc.
a) writing technique
b) prewriting technique
c) brainstorming technique
d) webbing technique

is a group of words that express a complete thought and include a subject and predicate.
a) Complete thought
b) single sentence
c) Complete sentence
d) main idea

strategy includes revisions that improve the author’s voice, tone, and development of ideas expressed in writing.
a) drafting
b) brainstorming
c) prewriting
d) rewriting

is something directly said by a character that is written by the writer, surrounded by quotation marks.
a) quote
b) direct quote
c) direct saying
d) quoteable

as a writer, one must be able to restate what the author originally stated.
a) paradiddle
b) paragraph
c) paraphrase
d) parallel

is to retell the important ideas from what you read or heard.
a) retell
b) retry
c) summarize
d) paraphrase

is a list of resources used to write non-fiction.
a) bibliography
b) sources
c) references
d) all of the above

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