Pass/ Map Review #1 Question Preview (ID: 14074)

Review Of 7th Grade Essential Facts In Preperation For MAP And PASS Testing.

The _______________is the ending outcome of a literary text’s conflict.
a) conclusion
b) conflict
c) plot
d) summary

is the language that appeals to one’s senses.
a) irony
b) idiom
c) imagery
d) euphemism

are the animals or people within a text who can be described as either static, dynamic, round, or flat.
a) euphemism
b) characters
c) imagery
d) idiom

is a prediction made based on previous knowledge.
a) connotation
b) euphemism
c) idiom
d) inference

has a direct effect upon the author’s development of the story’s plot.
a) First or third person POV
b) Third POV
c) Second POV
d) First POV

is a metaphor that continues through an entire poem.
a) metaphor
b) extended metaphor
c) long metaphor
d) simile

is a scene in a narrative that breaks the time order to reflect on a past event.
a) foreshadow
b) irony
c) imagine
d) flashback

is the usage of clues to suggest forthcoming events in the plot.
a) foreshadowing
b) irony
c) imagine
d) flashback

is the representation of one item that has a meaning of something beyond itself.
a) imagery
b) metaphor
c) symbolism
d) simile

is the occurrence of an expectation that was not anticipated.
a) imagery
b) surprise
c) idiom
d) irony

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