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a) a text feature using graphs, pictures or maps
b) the opening paragraph of an article that gives a brief overview of it
c) a list at the back of a book explaining words or expressions used in the text
d) the events leading up to the climax of the story

a) a book that is published once a year containing facts that farmers use
b) a book that provides definitions and prouniciations of words
c) a book that gives lists of words with similar meanings
d) a book that contains the entire range of human knowledge

compound words
a) the words under a picture that describe the picture
b) two words put together to make one word
c) why the author wrote the story
d) the main problem that a character faces

a) getting someone to do or believe something that you want
b) a comparison made without using like or as
c) a style of printing where the letters slant to the right
d) the large print title of a newspaper

a) smaller heading, or title, in a book, chapter, newspaper.
b) the events leading up to the climax
c) a special framed box that has important information inside of it
d) a book that gives lists of words with similar meaning

a) the time and location that a story takes place in
b) giving human characteristics to animals or objects in a story
c) a message or lesson in a story
d) two or more words that have the same meaning

a) a line of text serving to indicate what the passage below is about
b) a line where events are marked by a period of time
c) a comparison between two unlike things using the words \'like\' or \'as\'
d) the main part of the story

a) the main problem that a character in a book faces
b) the action right after the climax
c) a list at the back of a book explaining or defining difficult words
d) lists word in alphabetical order. It gives the meaning, pronounciation, and part of speech of work

a) shows how things are the same and different
b) to say what someone or something is like or what happened
c) two words put together to make one word
d) the line that tells you who wrote an article

Venn diagram
a) a book that comes out every year with information on many different subjects
b) two or more overlapping circles used to compare and contrast two or more things
c) people or animals in a story
d) a writing that is typed dark and thick to call attention to it

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