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What is the definition of a cause?
a) The cause is WHAT happens.
b) The cause always follows the effect.
c) The cause never has an effect.
d) The cause is the REASON WHY something happens

What is the definition of an effect?
a) The effect is WHAT happens.
b) The effect always come before the cause.
c) The effect is the REASON WHY something happens
d) The effect is never caused by something.

Read the cause in this situation and choose the effect. A child stretched a balloon, put it to his lips, and pursed his lips around the balloon's neck.
a) The balloon deflated.
b) The balloon popped.
c) The child blew up the balloon.
d) The balloon had birthday written on it.

Read the cause and choose the effect. I awoke in the morning and ate breakfast. I could feel the food stuck in my teeth.
a) I combed my hair.
b) I brushed my teeth.
c) I took a shower.
d) I left for the bus stop.

Read the cause and choose the effect. I ran as fast as I could, passing all the other runners in the race.
a) I won the race.
b) I decided to run the last lap of the race again.
c) I came in last place in the race.
d) I stopped at the store for a snack, since I was ahead of everyone else.

Read the cause and choose the effect. We had a tremendous snowstorm on Monday night. Winds gusted to 45 mph. The roads are blocked, so the buses couldn't travel on them.
a) We decided to make a snowman.
b) We went to the store to get some snacks.
c) We were not able to go to school.
d) We don't like snow.

The boy hit the dog with a stick and _______.
a) the dog bit him.
b) the dog was excited.
c) the dog played fetch with him.
d) the dog licked his hand.

The music next door was blaring so loud ________.
a) I wished it were louder.
b) I couldn't study.
c) I went and took a long nap.
d) I went next door and asked them to turn it up louder.

If you eat a lot of food, and you never exercise, you will ___________.
a) gain weight and be out of shape.
b) feel good about your health.
c) want to drink only sugary drinks like juice boxes.
d) be able to run long races.

_____________ so dad gave us some money for the movies.
a) We were not getting along
b) We worked on our chores all day
c) We argued with grandmother all day
d) We broke the basement window

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