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it is commonly used techniques in making something understandable, or using your own example to demonstrate the skill or activity.
a) Accompanaying
b) Harvesting
c) Showing
d) Catalyzing

it is a commonly used techniques where mentor are often confronted with the difficulty of preparing the learner before he or she is ready to change.
a) Sowing
b) Catalyzing
c) Harvesting
d) Accompanying

it is commonly used techniques when change reaches a critical level of pressure, learning can escalate.
a) Catalyzing
b) Sowing
c) Accompanying
d) Showing

it is commonly used techniques where the mentor focuses on\
a) Harvesting
b) Catalyzing
c) Showing
d) Sowing

The term "mentor" came from?
a) Latin word
b) Greek word
c) Latin Mythology
d) Greek Mythology

The following are NOT the synonyms of "Mentoring", EXCEPT,
a) Mentoring
b) Coach
c) Loving
d) Scolding

It is an element of mentoring where such a relationship may be initiated by a mentor, the mentee, or a third party such as Academic Dean.
a) Time Frame
b) Initiation
c) Sowing
d) Brainstorming

it is an element which the relationship may be time limited, lifelong or open-ended.
a) Initiation
b) Agenda
c) Time Frame
d) Conference

it is an element where participants may connect only occasionally or meet regularly according to a prescribe schedule.
a) Time Frame
b) Iniation
c) Intensity
d) Medium

it is an element where mentoring relationship are face-to-face.
a) Initiation
b) Intensity
c) Agenda
d) Medium

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