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What is a process to help you find answers in a scientific way?
a) digestive method
b) commutative method
c) exploratory method
d) scientific method

What is the first step in the scientific process?
a) decide the conclusions
b) decide on the experiments
c) decide on the topic
d) decide your hypothesis

What is the second step of the scientific process?
a) state your conclusion
b) state a question
c) state your hypothesis
d) state your name

What is another word for hypothesis?
a) guess
b) answer
c) solution
d) conclusion

When you have finished with your experiments, what step is next?
a) publish your results
b) start over again
c) analyze your results
d) restate your results

Which of these conclusions might you arrive at after your process is completed?
a) your hypothesis was true
b) your hypothesis was false
c) your hypothesis was partly true and partly false
d) all of the above

Which of these is NOT a step in the scientific method?
a) observation
b) collecting data
c) erasing data
d) recording data

Who would use the scientific method?
a) a baker
b) a student
c) a scientist
d) all of the above

Why is the scientific method important?
a) It helps scientists have a method.
b) It shows a method to scientists.
c) It gives clear steps to perform an accurate experiment.
d) None of the above.

What question(s) do you ask in writing the conclusion?
a) Was the hypothesis true or false?
b) Why did I do this experiment?
c) How do I write a conclusion?
d) Will I get a good grade?

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