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Ecology Chapter 3 First Half Review.[print questions]

The lowest level of environmental complexity that includes living and nonliving factors is the
a) Biome
b) Biosphere
c) Ecosystem
d) Community

Which ecological inquiry method is an ecologist using when he or she enters an area periodically to count the population numbers of a certain species?
a) questioning
b) modeling
c) experimenting
d) observing

A mathematical formula designed to predict population fluctuations in a community could be called a(n)
a) Biological experiment
b) ecological observation
c) ecological model
d) Biological system

How do most primary producers make their own food?
a) by using light energy to make carbohydrates
b) by breaking down remains to make carbon dioxide
c) by changing water into carbon dioxide
d) by using chemical energy to make carbohydrates

What animals eat both producers and consumers?
a) herbivores
b) autotrophs
c) chemotrophs
d) omnivores

A bird stalks, kills, and then eats an insect. Based on its behavior, which pair of ecological terms describes the bird?
a) herbivore, decomposer
b) autotroph, herbivore
c) carnivore, consumer
d) producer, heterotroph

Animals that get energy by eating the carcasses of other animals that have been killed by predators or have died of natural causes are called
a) scavengers
b) detritivores
c) heterotrophs
d) omnivores

Which of the following descriptions about the organization of an ecosystem is correct?
a) Communities make up species, which make up populations
b) Species make up populations, which make up communities
c) Species make up communities, which make up populations
d) Populations make up species, which make up communities

T/F Producers release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere during the process of photosynthesis.
a) T
b) Not me
c) Not me
d) F

Organisms that break down organic matter and return it to the environment are called
a) Decomposers
b) Consumers
c) Producers
d) Scavengers

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