Trigonometry Drill Question Preview (ID: 14049)

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190 degrees converted to revolution is equivalent to?
a) 23/36
b) 11/23
c) 19/23
d) 19/36

Which of the following is the reference angle of 292 degrees?
a) -68 degrees
b) 68 degrees
c) 22 degrees
d) -22 degrees

85* 74' 47" converted to degree form is equivalent to?
a) 87.25 degrees
b) 88.25 degrees
c) 89.25 degrees
d) 86.25 degrees

In SOH-CAH-TOA, Cosine is equal to?
a) Hyp/Adj
b) Opp/Hyp
c) Adj/Hyp
d) Adj/Opp

Which of the following is the reference angle of 295 degrees?
a) -65 degrees
b) 65 degrees
c) -25 degrees
d) 25 degrees

In Fundamental Identities, cotA = ?
a) 1/tanB
b) tanA/1
c) 1/tanA
d) cosA/sinA

210 degrees converted to radian form is equivalent to?
a) 5pi/4
b) 7pi/6
c) 4pi/3
d) 8pi/7

cos(5pi/3) is?
a) 2
b) 3/2
c) 1/2
d) 1

In a given right triangle: x = 3cm, y = 4cm, what is r?
a) 5cm
b) 6cm
c) 7cm
d) 8cm

In a given right triangle abc: a = 8, b = 6, c = 10, what is its cosecant function?
a) 3/5
b) 3/4
c) 5/3
d) 4/5

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