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_______ is anything that takes up space and has mass.
a) matter
b) mass
c) weight
d) atom

__________ is the quantity of matter.
a) matter
b) mass
c) weight
d) atom

Why are mass and weight not the same thing?
a) Mass is dependent on gravity.
b) Weight is the amount of matter.
c) Weight is dependent on gravity.
d) Mass is the amount of weight.

What is the difference between the three states of matter (solid, liquid and gas)?
a) The states are all made of different atoms.
b) The states move at different speeds.
c) The molecules in each state move different directions.
d) Each state has different amount of molecular motion in it.

_____ is a pure substance that cannot be broken down chemically.
a) element
b) compound
c) macromolecule
d) molecule

More than 90% of living things are composed of what four elements?
d) CH2O

Why are atoms important?
a) Atoms are the basic unit of life.
b) Atoms provide the energy for living things.
c) Atoms determine the characteristics of the things they compose.
d) Atoms release the energy living things need for chemical reactions.

All of these are correct about the atom EXCEPT.
a) Protons are positive particles found in the nucleus
b) Electrons are negative particles found in energy levels.
c) Neutrons are neutral particles found in the nucleus.
d) Electrons are negative particles found in the nucleus.

A _________ is made of two different elements.
a) compound
b) molecule
c) element
d) atom

A ________ is made of two atoms covalently bonded together
a) compound
b) molecule
c) element
d) atom

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