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Melanie painted the playroom in her house. She used 3.35 gallons of white paint, 2.75 gallons of ivory paint, and 4.4 gallons of blue paint. How many gallons of paint did she use?
a) 10.5 gallons
b) 10.14 gallons
c) 6.54 gallons
d) 10.4 gallons

In May, Michael had $243.75 in his savings account. In June he saved $80 more. In July, he had to use $38.53 of his savings to buy a part for his car. How much money did he have left in his account at the end of July?
a) $125.22
b) $285.22
c) $206.02
d) $175.02

A carpenter had a piece of wood that was 7.28 feet long. He cut 2.9 feet off the end of that piece. How many feet of wood were left?
a) 4.38 feet
b) 5.78 feet
c) 4.18 feet
d) 5.38 feet

This week, Jenni ran 0.75 mile on Monday, 0.5 mile on Wednesday, and she ran 0.625 mile on Friday. Last week she ran a total of 1.342 miles. How much more did she run this week than last week?
a) 0.473 miles
b) 0.573 miles
c) 0.533 miles
d) 1.875 miles

Melissa wants to plant a border of shrubs around her rectangular backyard. The width of her yard is 12.5 ft and the length of her yard is 20.37 ft. What will be the length (the perimeter) of border needed?
a) 432.4 feet
b) 4099 feet
c) 65.74 feet
d) 32.87 feet

Bethany was given $350 as a graduation present. If Bethany bought a new phone for $165.65 and a set of DVDs for $43.60, how much money does she have left?
a) $150.75
b) $160.75
c) $130.75
d) $140.75

Jacob has a triangle with a perimeter of 30.2 units. If one side measures 10.5 units and another side measures 7 units, what is the length of the third side?
a) 12.7 units
b) 19 units
c) 10.5 units
d) 13.7 units

Amber had her car repaired for a coolant system leak. If she paid $12.95 for a new hose, $23.45 for labor, and $17.50 to replace the coolant, how much was her total bill?
a) $49.95
b) $52.10
c) $51.75
d) $53.90

After fishing for 3 hours, Dave caught a fish that was 15.05 long, and Marge caught one that was 11.7 inches long. How much longer was Dave’s fish than Marge’s?
a) 4.15 in
b) 4.35 in
c) 3.35 in
d) 3.75 in

Samuel has a trapezoid with side measurements of 249.2 feet, 367 feet, 423.12 feet, and 313.07 feet. What is the perimeter of the trapezoid?
a) 764.78 feet
b) 13523.9 feet
c) 1352.39 feet
d) 7647.8 feet

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