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In paragraph 1, what does the word disruptive mean?
a) troublesome
b) senseless
c) surprising
d) forgettable

What does the word contemplate mean in paragraph 4?
a) think about
b) observe
c) stare at
d) inspect

What happens when Johanna begins organizing the talent show?
a) She foresees problems directing her friends.
b) She learns that her friends cannot be in the show.
c) Nobody wants to help plan the tryouts.
d) Her friends refuse to participate in the show.

How does Johanna feel at the end of the story?
a) Relieved
b) Nervous
c) Confused
d) Amused

Why does the author include the detail of the dripping faucet?
a) To help readers understand Johanna’s anxiety
b) To show that Johanna is deep in thought
c) To show that Johanna is easily bothered
d) To explain why Johanna regrets planning the show

What can the reader best conclude about Margaret?
a) She wants to be judged on her talent alone.
b) She thinks she is guaranteed to be in the show.
c) She has performed in many other talent shows.
d) She expects to be one of the shows judges.

What is the main conflict of this story?
a) Johanna vs. herself
b) Josh vs. Patti
c) The talent show vs. the school
d) Johanna vs. Margaret

The climax of the story occurs when
a) Margaret makes a suggestion
b) Johanna talks to the teachers
c) Patti is left out of the show
d) Johanna has trouble sleeping

Which sentence from the story best shows that Johanna is afraid of disappointing her schoolmates?
a) How am I supposed to be neutral when I know how much my closest friends want to participate?
b) She had thought it would be exciting, but she had not been prepared for the problems that had ...
c) Finally I can work on the scheduling for the talent show tryouts, she thought to herself.
d) Her excitement about the talent show overshadowed everything else.

Which of these is the best summary of paragraph 20?
a) Johanna arranges for teachers to judge the tryouts using videotape.
b) Margaret spreads the news that the contest will be videotaped.
c) Margaret suggests that Johanna contact teachers and ask for their help.
d) Johanna refuses to tell anyone the names of the show’s judges.

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