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A large region characterized by a specific climate and certain types of plant and animal communities
a) biome
b) conifer
c) climate
d) biodiversity

The number and variety of organisms in a given area during a specific period of time
a) biodiversity
b) permafrost
c) climate
d) biome

The amount of precipitation and temperature in an area over a long period of time
a) climate
b) biome
c) deciduous
d) conifer

Trees with needles that are evergreens
a) conifers
b) precipitation
c) desert
d) deciduous

Trees that lose their leaves in the fall
a) deciduous
b) taiga
c) permafrost
d) conifers

An area that has little or no plant life, long periods without rain, and extreme temperatures; usually found in hot climates
a) desert
b) tropical
c) temperate
d) taiga

Ground that is permanently frozen
a) permafrost
b) desert
c) tundra
d) precipitation

Any form of water that falls to the Earth\'s surface from the clouds
a) precipitation
b) biodiversity
c) biome
d) permafrost

A biome with coniferous trees and a cold climate
a) taiga
b) tropical
c) temperate
d) desert

The area between the polar regions and the tropical regions
a) temperate
b) desert
c) tropical
d) terrestrial

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