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What is the occupation of the father of Littlejim?
a) farmer
b) teacher
c) logger
d) horse trainer

Why did Littlejim decide to draw horses instead of rivers?
a) The horses were very special to him.
b) He hoped to get praise from the older boys.
c) Mr. Osk promised to display his drawings.
d) His drawing of the rivers was a poor one.

In the fourth paragraph, the author says ...SCOTT AND SWAIN COULD SHARE PART OF THE CREDIT. As it is used in this sentence, what does CREDIT mean?
a) borrowed money
b) praise
c) power
d) business record

What does the reader learn from this selection about the area around Henson Creek?
a) that it is wooded and his steep hills
b) that there are several towns close together
c) that the weather is cold and rainy
d) that it sometimes gets flooded

What did Littlejim hope would happen after he finished his drawing?
a) He would still have time to draw the Fertile Crescent.
b) Mr. Osk would think it was the best drawing that week.
c) Ivor would show it to the other boys, and they would be jealous.
d) His father would hang it on a wall in the sawmill of Uncle Bob.

According to the selection, which comparison about Littlejim and Ivor is accurate?
a) Ivor is a better artist.
b) Littlejim is a better reader.
c) Littlejim is a better math student.
d) Ivor is a better history student.

What is the effect of the simile in the last paragraph of this selection?
a) It emphasizes that the characters had plenty of paper.
b) It emphasizes that the characters had very little paper.
c) It emphasizes that the sawmill of Uncle Bob provided the paper.
d) It emphasizes that the school used a lot of paper.

Which piece of information belongs? Littlejim is good at drawing and
a) home in Blue Ridge Mountains
b) memorizes dates well
c) uncomfortable when praised
d) interested in automobiles

Littlejim can best be described as
a) Courageous
b) Shallow
c) Brave
d) Mindful

What was Ivor going to draw?
a) Henson Creek
b) a sawmill
c) carriage
d) automobile

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