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Which of the following determines the up and down column in which an element is placed on the periodic table>
a) atomic number
b) atomic mass
c) the number of neutrons in the nucleus
d) similar chemical and physical properties

Which shows one example of a physical change and one example of a chemical change?
a) boiling water and melting wax
b) rusting iron and baking a cake
c) dissolving powder and shredding paper
d) freezing water and burning coal

How does a balanced chemical equation satisfy the Law of Conservation of Mass?
a) During a chemical reaction, the total amount of matter stays the same.
b) During a chemical reaction, matter is destroyed
c) During a chemical reaction, one or more new substances are formed
d) During a chemical reaction, the total number of atoms increases

Which is a problem with using wind turbines to produce energy?
a) wind turbines are efficient only in certain areas
b) wind turbines occupy a small area of land
c) wind turbines produce a large amount of energy
d) wind turbines create a large amount of pollution

Identify the nonrenewable resource from the choices below?
a) biomass
b) hydropower
c) geothermal
d) coal

Which best describes the characteristics of a river basin?
a) The land drained by a river and is tributaries
b) the land formed when rivers create estuaries and marshes
c) the land at the mouth of a river where water flows into the ocean
d) the land formed as the result of a river flooding

Which factors can have the greatest effect on the health of a river system?
a) type of soil and salinity
b) nitrate levels and turbidity
c) human consumption and pH
d) natural disasters and tidal changes

In the United States, which is responsible for ensuring the safety of the country's drinking water?
a) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
b) Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
c) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
d) Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Which statement best describes the law of superposition?
a) Each sedimentary layer of rock represents 1,000 years of Earth’s age, much like the rings of a tree.
b) In undisturbed layers of sedimentary rock, the upper rock layers are older than the lower rock layer
c) In undisturbed layers of sedimentary rock, the lowest layers contain the older rocks.
d) Rocks that form near volcanoes are older than surrounding rock.

What do earthquakes tell scientists about the history of the planet?
a) Earth's climate is constantly changing
b) The continents of Earth are continually moving
c) Dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago
d) The oceans are much deeper today than millions of years ago

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